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Our stunning range of Octagonal Summerhouses are bespoke made to customers’ individual requirements and specifications.

Our state of the art computer software allows us to design and manufacture our buildings with incredibly intricate details throughout, resulting in a completely unique building that perfectly complements your living space.

Made with 44mm Logs, 3” x 2” Floor Bearers and Roofing framework, as well as a sturdy felt shingle roof; customers can rest assured knowing that our robust structures will remain a centrepiece in their garden for many years to come.

A beautiful addition to any outdoor space; our Octagonal buildings are perfect for relaxing, enjoying the sun, having social gatherings or as a tranquil garden workspace. Order yours today!

Standard features

  • Solid 44mm log walls
  • 65mm x 45mm floor bearers
  • Mortice & Tennon joinery made door
  • Mortice lock / Euro lock
  • Machine cut roof
  • Reinforced fibreglass felt shingle roof
  • 19mm Roof boards
  • 25mm Floor boards
  • Pressure treated floor
  • 4 x 4ft windows (1 fixed and 1 opening on either side)

Please note that the price of delivery will be automatically calculated based on your postcode during checkout.

Prior to ordering, please be aware of the following:

  • All buildings need to sit on a stable, flat and level base. Typically paving flags or concrete; the base should be at least the size of the building being installed. If you require further information our team will be happy to advise, however it remains the customer's responsibility to ensure that a suitable base is in place prior to your building being delivered.
  • For installations on site, access will be required to enable the building's panels to be taken to the prepared base. Ideally this should be at least a 1m wide access strip, free of any obstacles and within 35m of a suitable unloading point. Modifications can be made to the building's design to accommodate access issues, however please ensure this communicated to our team.

Please feel free to ask for advice if you think your base or plot may not conform to the above requirements.

What happens after we receive your order?

Given that each building we produce is custom made to your specific requirements, after we receive your order we will first begin by contacting you to discuss your design.

This will be a great opportunity for you to discuss unique details about the size & shape, specify details such as your preferred location of doors & windows, and have any questions you may have answered by our expert team.

Only once you are happy with your final design, do we then begin the process of manufacturing.

Timber Building Bespoke

When customers require a design solution that no one else can build…They come to Timber Building.

We offer a bespoke design service that provides customers with an unlimited range of design options to choose from.

Unlike our competitors, we design & manufacture all buildings from within our UK based factories using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. This means we are able to manufacture timber buildings of any size; so if you require a size or design specification that is not shown on this website, please contact us to arrange a design consultation.

Building Advisory

All timbers are pressure treated, therefore protected against rot and infestation... However, timber is a natural, porous product which is subject to changes depending on weather conditions, e.g., change in colour, surface splits, shrinkage, and warping. We cannot be held responsible for any natural changes.

Various steps can be taken to protect your building further than the treatment supplied.

We typically recommend a water seal or a stain to preserve the exterior of the building and protect it from the elements, however, customers can go a step further and silicone all the joints so that water has no room to seep into the building. The further you go in pursuit of preserving your building, the longer the structure will last, so it is in the interest of the customer to keep on top of maintaining the buildings upkeep.

Ultimately, it is responsibility of the customer to preserve and protect their building from weathering, as we do not provide water-proof buildings, we recommend methods which prevent water ingress, that the customer can do before and after the installation. We cannot be held accountable for the lack of care taken of the buildings.

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