Made of galvanised steel, the revolutionary FENCEMATE DuraPost® system combines the beauty of wood, with the strength of steel to create durable fencing that’s stronger, up to 80% lighter than concrete & is twice as quick to install.

DuraPost doesn’t rot, crack or warp like wood and won’t chip or crack like concrete. Incredibly long lasting & tested to withstand winds of up to 70 miles per hour!

…Offering a greater choice and versatility in designing your outdoor space, the DuraPost system fits a wide range of fence panels and virtually ANY onsite fencing.


What types of jobs is DuraPost® suitable for?

DuraPost® is suitable for all the jobs where you might have used concrete or timber posts.

Why does DuraPost® come with a continuous run of holes?

The continuous run of holes provided on the DuraPost® allows you to fix your fence panel or gravel board from the rear of the post. The holes make it easier to build fences, particularly those built on a slope.

Which types of fencing is DuraPost® suitable for?

DuraPost® is suitable for virtually all types of timber fencing panels including feather board, hit and miss, European panels and close boarded fencing.

The post can be used for post and rail fencing but is not designed for any type of wire fencing systems.

Is DuraPost® really up to twice as quick as concrete to install?


A test using independent professional contractors demonstrated that the time taken to fit fence panels with DuraPost®, rather than concrete posts, took only half the time in terms of man-hours.

ONE person was able to carry out the tasks normally requiring TWO people, because DuraPost® is so much lighter and easier to use than concrete posts.

Does DuraPost® really withstand high winds?


The product underwent independent testing at the Building Research Establishment and proved to withstand wind speeds in excess of 70MPH.

How sustainable is DuraPost®?

DuraPost® is made out of steel which is a sustainable material because once it is made it can be infinitely recycled.

Complete your FENCEMATE DuraPost® system today with matching components from the range.

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