We appreciate that situations can change and occasionally there may be a need to cancel an order. While we will make every attempt to honour this request where possible, the feasibility will come down to the following:

1) If you have placed an order through our online store for items that could be accurately described as building supplies (timber, nails, accessories e.t.c.) then there would be two options dependant on the time between placing your order and your wish to cancel. Simply contact our support team to advise them of your request, they will then check the delivery status of your order.

a) If your order has not been processed and is not out for delivery, a refund will be issued in accordance with our refund policy.

b) If your order is already out for delivery, we may still be able to issue a refund (please see refund policy for full details), however the delivery charge will be forfeited to cover our time and expenses.

2) If an item has been ordered / manufactured specifically for you and would not typically make up our standard stock products, then it would be at the discretion of our general manager as to whether a cancellation could be honoured.

3) For larger bespoke orders (such as buildings, structures, furniture e.t.c) cancellations can be made at our GM’s discretion, however if the process of manufacturing has already started, then all deposits paid would be forfeit to cover our time and costs.

If you have any questions regarding cancellations that you feel are not fully explained above, please contact a member of our support team for further information. Thank you.